Saturday, September 24, 2011 Power Date

[Blazer: Vintage, Kasper & Co.] [Shirt and Skirt: Forever 21] [Shoes: Calvin Klein] [Purse: Vintage] [Jewelry: Vintage, BR, Kate Spade, 

This was my grandma's blazer, and it fits me quite well, which makes me wonder what it looked like on her tiny, 5'4 frame.  Plus, it has shoulder pads!  I want to think she wore it when she meant business, which was pretty much all the time. 

I, on the other hand, wore it for a date with my fiance and friends, along with one of my favorite skirts.  While on the short side, I love the navy blue hue and odd texture.  We went to a funky Thai joint in the Marais, where the owner was more than a character.  He was tossing the kitchen's produce around the tables, pretending to smack the bum of my friend and keeping everyone's wine glass full, even the glasses his construction workers hovering around the customer's tables (they apparently are working on his new restaurant around the corner).  He also said he had lived in San Francisco in the 80's, and made a face and a gesture that could only mean he had such a good time that he slept through the 90's.


JustPatience said...

Love the blazer. Cute Mary Janes

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emilybayley said...

Love that blazer!!


Clea said...

Helloooo gorgeous!

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