Wednesday, February 22, 2012 Seville Rooftops

[Jacket: vintage] [Cardigan: BR] [Tank: J.Crew] [Jeans: Old Navy] [Scarf: H&M]  [Shoes: Frye] [Purse: Foley & Corinna] [Hat: Essentiel Antwerp]

Seville - my new favorite city, and our rooftop, my new favorite rooftop.  While there is still so much to discover and experience in Paris, it feels very much like home - and so lazying about, spending an afternoon drinking wine, reading and napping feels very wrong in Paris.  But not in Seville!  These photos were taken from our rooftop deck, right before I began that before mentioned nap.  It was warm, with a slight breeze and church bells ringing in the distance, ever so often.
Sunday, February 19, 2012 In the Absence

[Jacket, blouse, clutch: vintage] [Skirt: Banana Republic] [Heels: Prada] [Jewelry: Omega, Tiffany's, vintage] [Lipstick: Benefit]

   Photos taken by Andrea Dicenzo

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Over My Shoulder

[Jacket: vintage] [Jean shirt: Gap] [Blouse: F21] [Jeans: Gap] [Shoes: Frye] [Purse: Celine] [Sunnies: Moscot]

These photos were taken by my dear friend from college, an amazing photographer, Andrea Dicenzo. She is a California girl, but has spent most of her years after college in New York and in London, snapping away to great acclaim.  Check out her blog here.  Also, don't let the sunshine fool you, these photos were taken before the new year.  I have been saving them for just the right time, like an Ace up my sleeve.  I am in Sevilla, Spain, escaping the freezing temperatures, drinking far too much wine, soaking up the sun and adjusting to Spanish time (which means slowing life down, way down).
Monday, February 13, 2012 Fancy Meanderings

[Jacket: vintage] [Dress: Zara] [Cardigan: Zara] [Socks: Gap] [Belt: J.Crew] [Shoes: Dolce Vita] [Purse: Marc Jacobs] [Jewelry: Omega, vintage]

When the weather is -8 Celsius, there is nothing better (and more French) than spending the day inside the first and most fancy department store, Le Bon Marche, followed with afternoon tea at Laduree.

Friday, February 10, 2012 Museum Corners

[Vest: Diesel] [Jacket/Dress: Mossimo] [Cardigan: BR] [Blouse: Ralph Lauren] [Pants: BR] [Shoes: Minelli] [Purse: vintage Coach] [Jewelry: vintage, Omega] [Lipstick: ] [Sunnies: Moscot]

Disclaimer: My oversized, down jacket is just out of the picture frame - Paris is far far below the freezing point.

My fiance's parents are in town, and we are visiting many of the less-traveled museums, often found in sleepy neighborhoods, or on the borders of Paris.  I think I like these places more than the world famous museums Paris is known for.  At the top of my list is the Musee Marmottan (housing more Monet's than I have ever seen in one room) and the Musee Jacquemart-Andre (a mansion in the middle of Paris, that was once an extremely wealthy couples home that they filled with incredible art).  If you have an extra day in Paris, they are definitely worth your afternoon.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 On the Move

[Jacket: Balenciaga] [Blazer: vintage] [Dress: Sleeping on Snow] [Socks: Gap] [Tights: Moa] [Boots: Via Spiga] [Purse: Marc Jacobs] [Scarf and gloves: H&M]

Thursday, February 2, 2012 Honfleur

[Sweater: J.Crew] [Blouse: Equipment] [Dress worn as skirt: Banana Republic] [Gloves & Socks: Nordstroms] [Shoes: Minelli] [Purse: vintage Coach] [Necklace: Kate Spade]

Monday, January 30, 2012 Covering up from the Cold

[Jacket: vintage, brand unknown] [Dress worn as Shirt: Zara] [Skirt: vintage] [Heels: Calvin Klein] [Clutch & Belt: vintage]

With this freezing weather, there is just no way getting around wearing a jacket that is more like a down blanket than a jacket.  We stayed in Honfleur, a little fishing village nestled on the coast, where the Seine River begins.  We woke up to the fog, which reminded me so much of dear old San Francisco.  But as soon as I left the B&B, a French couple yelling at one another reminded me of where I was.  Oh the feisty French.
Weekend Getaways

[Sweater: Manoush] [Jeans: True Religion] [Shirt: Old Navy] [Belt: vintage] [Rainboots: Trenton] [Purse: Celine]

We rented a car early Saturday morning and hit the open French road.  After navigating down the Champs Elysees, and around the Arc de Triomphe (probably the most dangerous place to drive on Earth), and another hour of less stressful driving, we finally got to stretches of uninterrupted greenery.  We wanted to escape the noise of Paris in exchange for meandering country roads, cows and a delicious breakfast served in our room.  Besides our B&B reservation, we had no set route, agenda, reservations or needs, besides finding some open and quite space.

On a similar but separate note, weekends in Paris normally include high heels, some item of uncomfortable clothing, jewelry, makeup and a good amount of sartorial pondering.  But for our weekend in the country, I wanted nothing besides my favorite sweater.  It is by a French brand that I hadn't heard of until moving here, called Manoush.  The brand is wacky, classy, funky, very girlie but also gypsy-ish and all around indescribable in a good way.  You can check the collection out here.

More pictures from the wonderful weekend to come...
Saturday, January 28, 2012 Le Vent Francias

[Jacket: vintage] [Blouse: Forever 21] [Tank: Ann Taylor] [Jeans: Gap] [Purse: Celine] [Belts: J.Crew] [Jewelry: Omega, vintage] [Lipstick: Dior Addict 578]
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Home Soil

[Jacket: Balenciaga] [Sweater: J.Crew] [Skirt: vintage] [Blouse: Old Navy] [Gloves and tights: unknown] [New Favorite Shoes: Apropos] [Purse: Celine] [Jewelry: vintage]

We had to go to the US Embassy yesterday, and for some strange reason, I was really excited. Maybe I was having a touch of homesickness, so I dressed up for the occasion, the occasion being running an errand, silly, I know.