Sunday, October 30, 2011 Tourist

Barcelona is everything good.  There is the sunny Mediterranean beach, history, amazing food, architecture, music, cava, winding alleys, long promenades, colorful shops, Gaudi details, cafe culture.  The list goes on, and is the very reason why I have abandoned this blog for the tourist life.
Friday, October 28, 2011 Biarritz

The waves came right up and splashed a whole crowd of us

[Sweater: vintage] [T-shirt: Old Navy] [Shorts: Gap] [Tights: Zara] [Belt: vintage] [Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs] [Flats: Born]

Biarritz was utterly spectacular.  I spent most of my time there on the coast, enamored with the tempestuous ocean.  The wind was howling and the waves were crashing against the walls of the coast, sending salt water soaring up and soaking the crowds, yours truly included.  It was wonderful.

Tomorrow we move on to Barcelona - any suggestions of where to go, or places I shouldn't miss?
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Blue Wind

[Skirt: vintage, no tag] [Top: Mossimo] [Shoes: Eden] [Tights: Zara]

I am back in San Sebastian, but this time with my parents.  It goes without saying I have missed them an incredible amount.  Tomorrow we leave for Barcelona, and they both say they are coming to a club with my sister and I - we will see about that...

This skirt is my Mom's and she bought it 25 years ago in Paris, which made me love it even more.  Sadly, she won't let me take it back with me to Paris.  We took these pictures in between two ridiculous rain clouds - running out just as the rain ended and running back inside just as another down pour was brewing.
Tuesday, October 25, 2011 Thank You Four Eyes!
[Jewelry: vintage, my grandma's (left) and my own design (right)]

A month or so ago, I was stopped on my way to language classes by three extremely nice bloggers from New Zealand, and happily posed for a few photos.  You can see the pictures here on their beautiful blog.  Thank you so much!
Monday, October 24, 2011 Shades of Leather

[Jean Shirt: Gap] [Black Shirt: F21] [Vest: vintage] [Jeans: ON] [Boots: Coach] [Purse: vintage Coach]

Black, brown and grey leather to beat the cold.

I left yesterday morning for a two week vacation with my parents and sis in Barcelona and Rome, two cities I have never been to and can't wait to explore!
Friday, October 21, 2011 Pink Influence

[Sweater: Eris (Anthropologie)] [Button Up: F21] [Shirt: ON] [Scarf: H&M] [Belt: vintage] [Jeans: ON] [Shoes: ] [Purse: Foley & Corinna] [Sunnies: Revo] [Jewelry: Omega, Tiffany's, own design and vintage] [Lipstick: Chanel Desire]
Pictures taken by my friend Joel, thanks!

Yesterday I took color combo inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Blair Eadie.  See her take on pink and turquoise here (my take is minus the adorable pup, but I am working on that one).
Wednesday, October 19, 2011 Pastel Pretties

[Dress worn as a skirt: BR] [Button Up: Ralph Lauren] [Sweater: vintage] [Belt: J.Crew] [Purse: Cambridge Satchel Co.] [Sunnies: Tom Ford] [Jewelry: Omega, Kate Spade, vintage]

I forgot about this end of summer outfit I wore two weeks ago.  I never got around to posting it, but now that is is raining in Paris it doesn't seem right.  Oh well, I love the colors (of course!) and this bridge.  I walked over it every day on my way to French lessons and often would see cuddling couples putting their own love lock on the wired fence.  It always made me smile.  Ah Paris.
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Pompidou

[Skirt: thrifted] [Shirt: Old Navy] [Vest: Diesel] [Shirt Dress: Target] [Scarf: Zara] [Shoes: Minelli] [Purse: Foley & Corinna] [Sunnies: Tom Ford]

My fiance's best friend is in town, and today we were both adults and kids in the Centre Pompidou.  At first, I was in heaven admiring the Edvard Munch exhibit (he painted "The Scream" if you are unfamiliar with him by name), and then we began taking pictures with our cameras.  It was all down hill from there, the museum then became a playground, which led to scoldings by the museum volunteers.  It was a ball and yes, we were still very respectful.

Also of note, this weekend I went to Kiliwatch for the first time, which happens to be on my street, and my goodness.  It is an astoundingly large vintage store, quite like Mary Poppin's bag.  From the front, it doesn't appear to be small, and then it keeps going and going.  If you can't find something in this store, there is just nothing for you in all of Paris.  I think it is dangerously close to my house and dangerously wonderful.  This burgundy and gold skirt was calling to me - and at 5 euros, I could easily claim it mine. 
Monday, October 17, 2011 Visiting Visitors

[Sweater and belt: vintage] [Skirt: Loeffler Randall] [Shoes: Cole Haan] [Purse: Celine] 
[Sunnies: Tom Ford]

My sister left Paris late last night (after I made my first beef bourguignon and filled her full of it) and I miss her so much already.  Luckily, I get to see her and my whole family next week!  I can't wait!

I wore this for another amazing Parisian Saturday filled with wine, lunch at the markets, cocktails, friends, late night dinners, vintage shopping and the beautiful autumn weather.  On our way to Hotel du Nord for a drink, we got sidetracked into Le Comptoir Generale by the long line out front and a high wall facade that hid the inside from view.  I though it might be a secret garden in the middle of the City.  It was not a secret garden; however, I continue my search for one.  It turned out to be a space that reminded me of a camp hall/SF bar/cheap vietnamese joint/circus museum/college dorm living room.  Yep, I think that pretty much describes it to the T. 
Friday, October 14, 2011 Maxin' It

[Shirt: Gap] [Plaid Shirt: American Eagle] [Dress: Zara] [Tights: unknown, Nordstrom] [Shoes: Hakei] [Purse: vintage Coach] [Sunnies: vintage Revo]

My sweet sister, who is currently studying in San Sebastian, Spain, is staying with me for almost a week and I couldn't be happier.  We are prancing about Paris, taking pictures, eating macaroons, ducking in and out of stores and generally being loud Americans.  Life couldn't be better.

These pictures were taken right after a downpour.  I can't figure the weather out, I am starting to think I really do need a duffle bag for extra layers and storage.  By duffle bag, I mean over-sized Chanel bag, obviously ;)
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Little Bobble

[Skirt: vintage] [ Button-up and Sweater: J.Crew] [ Hat: vintage] [Purse: Celine] [Shoes: Nine West] [Jewelry: Omega, Kate Spade]

Didn't our grandparents wear hats on the daily?  Why don't people wear hats anymore?  Not the big fedora types that are popular now, but lovely, lady-like hats.  I guess that goes for men as well.  I have an image in my head of man from the '50's walking out the door as he puts his hat on.  This particular hat is my grandma's and I think one of my favorites (I am lucky enough to have quite a few of hers).  The color is gorgeous, and the little detail of the braiding and the bobble sticking out makes it all at once quite proper and quite fun.  

I wore it walking around the streets of Paris yesterday, in search of a coffee shop, and got a number of quizzical stares.  I am resigned to the fact that I must look odd to Parisians (or very American), as these stares, or questioning-screwed up face expressions, occur whenever I wear something outside the Parisian uniform.  However, those looks will not stop me :) nor my search for a proper coffee house!  Does anyone know of one?
Tuesday, October 11, 2011 Out of Character

[Jacket: Zara] [Tank: J.Crew] [Pants: Vince] [Belt: J.Crew] [Shoes: Nine West] [Bag: Francesco Biasia] [Headscarf: vintage] [Sunnies: Tom Ford] [Shimmery things: Omega, Vintage, Own Design, Tiffany's]

This little head scarf is my sweet grannies.  I never saw her wear it, or anything remotely like it for that matter, but I adore it!  She was more into dainty hats with feathers and bobbles; this is a little more bohemian than she ever was.  I wish I knew where she got it and where she wore it - I can only guess that she would use it to cover her hair set in rollers while going to the store for cigarettes and booze (I obviously have been watching Mad Men).

Sunday, October 9, 2011 Beaucoup de Vin, Bien Sur

[Skirt: Madewell] [Blouse: Equipment] [Sweater: Barney's Co-op] [Jacket: vintage] [Belt: J.Crew] [Purse: vintage Coach] [Shoes: Frye] [Nerdy socks: no clue]

This weekend we went to a wine and food festival winding around the little streets of Montmartre.  By wine and food I mean, lots and lots of wine, champagne and beer, and then some macaroons and sausages here and there.  While the weather was down right cold, every glass of wine warmed us up all the more, especially the hot mulled wine which we found on our way out.  The wine-filled afternoon turned into a lovely diner with new friends, and the evening turned into a massive party at the Grand Palais (built in 1900).  Our Parisian Saturdays are becoming the highlights of my week, and the bain of my Sundays.

Stepping out of the apartment, the chill sent me straight back in for this vintage jacket, another late night eBay buy.  There are so many amazing finds on eBay, it is hard not to jump at every good deal, but I hold back.  It can also become quite addictive and competitive.  When I was studying for the Bar, it was like a side game I had running all day long.  I think my friends became worried, but I have stopped the endless searching and bidding now that the shipping costs more than most of the goods.
Friday, October 7, 2011 Finishing Off Summer

 Champagne with the beautiful Sis

San Sebastian was such a welcome and wonderful change of pace.  These are just a few of the hundreds I snapped.  Around every turn there was a vista, or glass of wine for that matter, warranting a photo stop.  

I just got back to Paris and was hit with the cold, autumn air.  I left at the end of Fashion Week and apparently at the end of a heat.  I think I am happy about the coming Fall, I am not sure yet.  Fall means Winter, and I am a California girl, who loves mild California winters.  I think I will get by.