Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Paris Fashion Week Begins

[Skirt: H&M] [Shirt: Old Navy!] [Shoes: Eden] [Purse: Foley & Corinna] [Jewelry: Vintage (lots of it), Omega, Tiffany's]

Oh Paris, your highs are so high, and your lows are so low.  But today was definitely a high.  Paris Fashion Week started today, and I put on my big girl boots (no pun intended) and got out there.  This is my first Fashion Week, so I am new to the etiquette, the process, the people and the tricks of the trade.  I figured, camera in hand and a big smile on my face (which is rare accessory outside of a show - so I saw today), I would give it a good effort, and that effort paid off!  Both shows I saw were eye-opening - Moon Young Hee and Aganovick (I will post my pics soon!).  I made new friends (in person and through the blog), and reinforced that it never hurts giving if your best effort. 

Then, to top off an incredible afternoon, I saw a Mozart concert in Church Madeleine.  It was spectacular and far from the modern runway I had just left.  Yes, today was one of those highest highs.

More to come!


Britt+Whit said...

oh how exciting! would die to go to pfw :) great necklace

love from San Francisco,

Teresa Kakilis said...

Alex! It was so lovely to meet you yesterday :) I love your blog! you have great personal style! Good luck for the rest of this week before Spain! xxxx

Ly Zhang said...

I love love love this outfit! It's feminine yet you add a bit of edge with the boots!


Jenn said...

Love a good gray t-shirt. But I haven't thought of pairing it with a chunky red necklace! Beautiful!

clyn_f said...

Nice outfit ! Your necklace is to die for ;-)

xoxo from another style lover in Brussels

CĂ©line Mademoiselle

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