Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Silky Layers

[Skirt: vintage, grandma's] [Tshirt: Old Navy] [Heels: UO] [Sunnies: Zara] [Jewelry: Omega, Tiffanys, vintage, Max & Chloe]

This skirt has some serious weight to it, it feels substantial and serious while making me feel girly, whimsical and playful - kind of everything perfect you need for a night out.  I love taking ultra-fancy pieces and mixing them with good old basics, like this t-shirt.  It acts as a nice balance when you aren't actually going to a gala, where such a skirt might fit in better than my plans for it, but I love it nevertheless.


SouthMoltonStStyle said...

Cute skirt, love your hair too xx


Tulips&Tulle said...

Love the plain t-shirt with the silk skirt! Please come visit Tulips&Tulle :)

Outside Looking In said...

Beautiful skirt!


Pennypincherfashion said...

Alright, I am getting downright envious of all your amazing vintage pieces - how do you get so lucky?!

Maria Jose said...

How beautiful, girl!! The ensemble is gorgeous, but I've definitely fallen for your extraordinary pearl necklaces! The other girl is right, I'm pretty envious, too, but healthily, of course! XOXO, Maria José

Audrey said...

This is stunning! Perfect balance of casual/glam. I think this is my favorite from you!! www.casualglamorous.com

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