Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Pompidou

[Skirt: thrifted] [Shirt: Old Navy] [Vest: Diesel] [Shirt Dress: Target] [Scarf: Zara] [Shoes: Minelli] [Purse: Foley & Corinna] [Sunnies: Tom Ford]

My fiance's best friend is in town, and today we were both adults and kids in the Centre Pompidou.  At first, I was in heaven admiring the Edvard Munch exhibit (he painted "The Scream" if you are unfamiliar with him by name), and then we began taking pictures with our cameras.  It was all down hill from there, the museum then became a playground, which led to scoldings by the museum volunteers.  It was a ball and yes, we were still very respectful.

Also of note, this weekend I went to Kiliwatch for the first time, which happens to be on my street, and my goodness.  It is an astoundingly large vintage store, quite like Mary Poppin's bag.  From the front, it doesn't appear to be small, and then it keeps going and going.  If you can't find something in this store, there is just nothing for you in all of Paris.  I think it is dangerously close to my house and dangerously wonderful.  This burgundy and gold skirt was calling to me - and at 5 euros, I could easily claim it mine. 


Margarita M. said...

Love your sequined skirt! And the shoes are fab. Great layering too. xoxo Rita))


Arden said...

That skirt is such an amazing find!! Absolutely love it xx

Audrey said...

wow, that skirt is gorgeous! What a fabulous find! You look beautiful (as always!) www.casualglamorous.com

Ebony Bolt said...

You look amazing and I love your skirt so much !

tessa said...

LOVE the skirt!
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Clara Turbay said...

Great pictures!

Cosmicaroline said...

great skirt!

Meredith said...

Love that skirt. Creative pictures. It all makes me want to go to Paris.
- Meredith

Little Inspirations said...

adore your skirt!! simply gorgeous :)

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