Monday, October 3, 2011 Paris Fashion Week Roundup 2

Another set of pictures I snapped and loved during Paris Fashion Week.  There was so much orange going on - bright orange, muted orange, orange blouses, orange heels, the list goes on and I loved it all.

The last image is a photographer who's look was classic with some definite funk.  She told me she looked horrible in pictures, something I didn't believe for a minute, so she would only let me take a photo without her face (which was gorgeous!).  She had on a beautiful and simple leather vest, and dusty, but chic booties, which you can't make out well here.  I loved it all: the different cuts, textures, color - totally working for her.


Ly Zhang said...

I love the orange look for fall! I'm trying to find a few pieces myself.


Koltunovskaya said...

I llike this post! So many beautiful and interesting outfits!

Jenny O. said...

How fun that you got to go to Paris Fashion Week!! California is always #1 in my heart, of course, but it's definitely nice to get a change every now and then :)

Closetfashionfix said...

What a great post...I love all the looks that you snapped pics of! Especially the photographer's at the end. I'm with it!

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