Sunday, October 9, 2011 Beaucoup de Vin, Bien Sur

[Skirt: Madewell] [Blouse: Equipment] [Sweater: Barney's Co-op] [Jacket: vintage] [Belt: J.Crew] [Purse: vintage Coach] [Shoes: Frye] [Nerdy socks: no clue]

This weekend we went to a wine and food festival winding around the little streets of Montmartre.  By wine and food I mean, lots and lots of wine, champagne and beer, and then some macaroons and sausages here and there.  While the weather was down right cold, every glass of wine warmed us up all the more, especially the hot mulled wine which we found on our way out.  The wine-filled afternoon turned into a lovely diner with new friends, and the evening turned into a massive party at the Grand Palais (built in 1900).  Our Parisian Saturdays are becoming the highlights of my week, and the bain of my Sundays.

Stepping out of the apartment, the chill sent me straight back in for this vintage jacket, another late night eBay buy.  There are so many amazing finds on eBay, it is hard not to jump at every good deal, but I hold back.  It can also become quite addictive and competitive.  When I was studying for the Bar, it was like a side game I had running all day long.  I think my friends became worried, but I have stopped the endless searching and bidding now that the shipping costs more than most of the goods.


Natassja said...

Looks like such a wonderful weekend! The photos of Montmartre make me miss my time in Paris back in high school for sure. And I feel you on the internet shopping addiction. My new thing is ordering stuff from the UK, since everything is so much cheaper than in Norway, even with the VAT charge I have to pay at the post office!

Stylephenomenon said...

Looks like perfect clothes for such a fun weekend--I too love to shop at night, just have to make sure it doesn't get too late =)

Catherine @ The Spring said...

Very cool layers - love the easy weekend style! It's a pleasure to 'meet' your blog!

- Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)

GlamourGirl_bg said...

nice!cute photos

Ccasey710 said...

I love this comfy yet still chic with all the leather. Looks like you had a great time!


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