Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Little Bobble

[Skirt: vintage] [ Button-up and Sweater: J.Crew] [ Hat: vintage] [Purse: Celine] [Shoes: Nine West] [Jewelry: Omega, Kate Spade]

Didn't our grandparents wear hats on the daily?  Why don't people wear hats anymore?  Not the big fedora types that are popular now, but lovely, lady-like hats.  I guess that goes for men as well.  I have an image in my head of man from the '50's walking out the door as he puts his hat on.  This particular hat is my grandma's and I think one of my favorites (I am lucky enough to have quite a few of hers).  The color is gorgeous, and the little detail of the braiding and the bobble sticking out makes it all at once quite proper and quite fun.  

I wore it walking around the streets of Paris yesterday, in search of a coffee shop, and got a number of quizzical stares.  I am resigned to the fact that I must look odd to Parisians (or very American), as these stares, or questioning-screwed up face expressions, occur whenever I wear something outside the Parisian uniform.  However, those looks will not stop me :) nor my search for a proper coffee house!  Does anyone know of one?


Decimalshoes said...

cute :D
I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
Decimal Shoes

What Is The New Black said...

What a beautiful outfit! Very sophisticated and Parisian, you should fit right in with that beret hat :)

Ronny said...

So wonderful. No wonder the local color was staring at you. You are hard to miss. Such a great combination.

Audrey said...

oh i love this! Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm in love! Following you!

Camila Palta said...

Hello! I saw this cute outfit on chictopia!
and I love it!! you realy look good :)
take care! hugs from Chile!

mar-go86 said...

Your outfit is just stunning! And it does look so Parisian indeed, or I guess we just have that stereotype about Parisians - judging by what you said about how people looked at you, maybe they don't really dress like that in Paris, but in that case they've missed out!!

thepinupgypsy said...

Found your blog via chictopia. Love your cute, quirky, feminine style. Inspiring outfits!

Ginny99 said...

I am sure they are staring because you are so beautiful and they think you are a celebrity!!

Angeladonava said...

Super look!!! J adore rouge!!!
Angela Donava

Angeladonava said...

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CJAJ09 CJAJ09 said...

i love it. Women should wear hats more often.

Ally said...

saw you on chictopia! love your celine bag xx

Lamz said...

Wow love this look. c'est chic!

Imogen Roy said...

Adore it all. Parisians freak out about colour, in my experience. I wore a bright orange blazer yesterday and I think some prayed they wouldn't go blind. Sorry we didn't get to meet up this weekend, we were just doing circles round each other it seems!



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