Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Blue Wind

[Skirt: vintage, no tag] [Top: Mossimo] [Shoes: Eden] [Tights: Zara]

I am back in San Sebastian, but this time with my parents.  It goes without saying I have missed them an incredible amount.  Tomorrow we leave for Barcelona, and they both say they are coming to a club with my sister and I - we will see about that...

This skirt is my Mom's and she bought it 25 years ago in Paris, which made me love it even more.  Sadly, she won't let me take it back with me to Paris.  We took these pictures in between two ridiculous rain clouds - running out just as the rain ended and running back inside just as another down pour was brewing.


Mom Fashion World said...

I love the skirt!
You have a beautiful, by the way.

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Michelle. said...

Your blue skirt is fabulous! So lovely it's your mums : )


Carol said...

I love your skirt!
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stela dohle said...

Nice blog and beautiful photos!!
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Erica Dallas said...

Lovely post and I adore those wedges. Join me at my blog,

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Haute Pink Pretty said...

gorgeous skirt! love it with the ruffled top <3

el kolorete said...

Your skirt is fabulous!!. I´m very happy you like San Sebastian. It´s my city!!. I follow you. If you want, you can visit my blog:

Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

I love your skirt. Smart of your mom not let you keep it ;) Enjoy Spain!

Federica Piccinini said...

What a pretty blog! Ciao from Italia! :-)

The Ruffle House said...

Pearl! You look amazing.
I fell in love with that skirt at first glance. And of course I would -- its vintage AND from Paris! Duh!

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