Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Little Details

[Cardigan: Solemio] [Skirt: my grandma's vintage] [Jacket: my grandma's vintage] [Brooch: vintage] [Nailpolish: OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow]

Yesterday I woke up to the pouring rain and a dark sky.  I decided it was a day to spend inside, catching up on work and life.  But as lunchtime came around, the sky opened up, the sun came out and not a cloud could be seen.  So my first plan got scratched and the great outdoors of Paris needed some exploring, with the pup of course, in this Spring time getup (with a big jacket!).

I put this happy outfit on when it was raining, thinking I would spend the day inside.  If I am going to be inside all day, I still like to get properly dressed (I wore a lot of sweats when I was studying for the Bar), but it turned out to be perfect outfit for the latter half of the day too.  Sometimes it is all in the details.  A cardigan worn backwards, a brooch placed in a new place, a few fancy bracelets left to stand alone.  


Pennypincherfashion said...

I love the idea of turning a sweater backwards - I did this the other day and must try more often. :)

Jordan Michaels said...

First, your grandmother's taste is clearly impeccable. That skirt is nothing short of gorgeous!

Second, I am glad to hear that I am not the only one. Doesn't getting "dressed" make you feel better? Sweats have their place but my apartment isn't a gym. Hee Hee

I get up almost every day and get "dressed" as if I were going out, even when I expect to spend the entire day at home. My girlfriends used to stop by and ask, "Why are you so dressed up?" Now they are so used to it that nothing is even said when they come by. Actually, I have noticed that a couple of them are starting to dress the same, at least when they know that I am dropping by. Hee Hee

LaPerle said...

You are starting a trend! I love it! Most of the time I am dressing for myself anyways and just having fun, so why not even when it is just the pup who will see the get up :)

Dree Harper said...

love this..the idea of the cardigan backwards is genius. this ensemble (as well as you) remind me a bit of Rachel McAdams (i think that's her last name) in The Notebook. elegant and ladylike but sassy all the same! xxDree

Shupalook said...

We'll love to see this look on ;)

Audrey said...

So Parisian chic, Pearl! And the view from your Paris flat is making me jealous! x

Livelymixture said...

The weather is crazy! hahaha here in Spain It's the same! -.-''
Well i really like the shirt but i LOVE IT your bacelets!:D
Hope you have wonderful day!:D ♥

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