Friday, December 30, 2011 Bonne Annee

Happy New Year to all!
Thursday, December 29, 2011 Morning Coffee

[Long Cardigan: Free People] [T-shirt: JCrew] [Jeans: True Religion] [Shoes: UO] [Scarf: bought it at Glastonbury, no brand] [Purse: Reed Krakoff] [Sunnies: Zara] [Jewelry: Omega, vintage, Tiffany's]
Sunday, December 25, 2011 Happy Merry Cheer

[Jacket: Balenciaga] [Sweater: JCrew] [Skirt: vintage] [Tights: Hue] [Heels: Gucci] [Clutch: vintage] [Jewelry: Omega, vintage (bracelet), F21]

Saturday, December 24, 2011 California Dreaming

[Jacket: Balenciaga] [Shirt: Gap] [Jeans: Citizen of Humanity] [Sunnies: Moscot] [Purse: Louis Vuitton] [Heels: UO] [Jewelry: Tiffany's, Old Navy, own design, vintage]

I know it is the holidays, but I couldn't help following my California heart and donning an all jeans outfit. It feels wonderful to be home, it feels right.  

To all that celebrate Christmas, have a merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011 Zurich Encoure

[Sweater: J.Crew Men's] [Dress as skirt: American Apparel] [Tights: Target] [Fur Jacket: vintage] [Hat and gloves: Moa] [Purse: Foley and Corrina] [Boots: Tretorn] [Jewelry: vintage, Omega]

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Zurich by Camera Phone

Just a little fun I had playing around with Lightroom and the pictures I took with my camera phone while traipsing about Zurich.  Sometimes nothing beats having a camera in your phone instead of your purse.

Right about now I should be over the Atlantic on my way back home, San Francisco, for the holidays.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 Zurich for a Long Wintery Weekend

[Jacket and scarf: vintage] [Dress: Zara] [Tights: unknown] [Socks: Gap] [Rainboots: Tretorn] [Purse: Foley and Corinna] [Jewelry: vintage, Omega, own design]

We spent a long weekend in Zurich, Switzrland - a stunning and stunningly expensive place.  The weather reports said it would be below zero and snowing - so I brought my rainboots and the best protection against the cold that I have - this fur jacket and scarf.  Can you tell from this photo taken in front of a chalet that Zurich is beyond picturesque?  Well it is, and more photos to come!

One champagne problem among many: my scarves never stay put, one side is always trailing off behind me when I want it to look neatly disheveled in front of me.  To take care of this problem, I used my grandma's brooch (which is actually a pair of earrings made into a brooch) to keep both ends neatly in place and impervious to the wind.

Friday, December 16, 2011 Leopard and Lace

[Jacket: my grandma's vintage] [Pants: Banana Republic] [Lace top: Lulu's] [Belt: J.Crew] [Scarf: Chelsea Verde] [Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell] [Purse: vintage Coach] [Jewelry: Omega, own design, vintage, J.Crew, Tiffany's]
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 Little Details

[Cardigan: Solemio] [Skirt: my grandma's vintage] [Jacket: my grandma's vintage] [Brooch: vintage] [Nailpolish: OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow]

Yesterday I woke up to the pouring rain and a dark sky.  I decided it was a day to spend inside, catching up on work and life.  But as lunchtime came around, the sky opened up, the sun came out and not a cloud could be seen.  So my first plan got scratched and the great outdoors of Paris needed some exploring, with the pup of course, in this Spring time getup (with a big jacket!).

I put this happy outfit on when it was raining, thinking I would spend the day inside.  If I am going to be inside all day, I still like to get properly dressed (I wore a lot of sweats when I was studying for the Bar), but it turned out to be perfect outfit for the latter half of the day too.  Sometimes it is all in the details.  A cardigan worn backwards, a brooch placed in a new place, a few fancy bracelets left to stand alone.  

Monday, December 12, 2011 Paris up for Auction

[Jacket: Bershka] [Tan Dress: Target] [Black Dress: Triumph Couture] [Scarf: H&M] [Hat: men's from H&M] [Purse: Celine] [Boots: Coach] [Sunnies: Tom Ford]

My friend took me to a French auction house today.  As soon as we entered the room where many Christian Dior, Chanel, Hermes and Alaia (just to name a few) items were on auction, I felt my arm get a bit jumpy.  I kept thinking, "Keep your hand down, keep your hand down."  Everything was stunning, but the people in the room were almost more interesting than the items up for auction.  From the old to the young, all the women had an air of chicness to them that went beyond the clothes they wore and the bags they held.  I stood up a little taller, talked a little softer and left feeling like I had seen something special, or at least something off the tourist trail.  This can be hard to do since there is always some breathtaking and famous view around every turn in Paris - as evidenced by my photos for the day.
Weekend Warming

[Jacket: Bershka] [T-Shirt: Old Navy] [Pants: Je T'aime] [Scarf: H&M] [Hat: Nordstrom's] [Shoes: Hakei] [Sunnies: Moscot]

I have figured out the key to opening up the Parisians' hearts - dogs!  It is like I am living in a different city.  I can't walk down the block without someone oh-ing and ah-ing Gary, and then breaking into a little conversation with me (in French may I add!).  I feel so much a part of the community - the local cafe and restaurant owners all say <Bonjour> to him, and then I reply for him with another <Bonjour>.  He is quite the polite French pup :)